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Nexcore uses high-speed Windows NT servers to host our client's websites. Our servers run off of TWO T1 connections to the Internet. Their connection is very stable and they consistently average 99.5% uptime or better.

We have two different web hosting plans available. Our
Express Plan ($25 a month) comes with all of the standard features you would expect, plus Access database and Frontpage support.

Our Deluxe Plan ($50 a month) is even better because it includes monthly search engine registration, search engine placement reports, and SQL-database support. Our Deluxe Plan is generally more than you will ever need. Both of our hosting plans are listed in full detail at the bottom of the page.

For larger clients we offer server co-location and dedicated servers.

Choosing a web site hosting company is probably one of the biggest and most common mistake a website owner can make. A large degree of a websites success is based on the web hosting company you choose. Reliability, speed of access, technical support and email, autoresponders, POP3, mail forwarding are the most important things to look at when it comes to hosting.

The price is one of the last things you should consider. For a commercial web site you should expect to pay between $30 and $100 even for hosting a large e-commerce web site. While price is always a factor, you should realize that you often get what you pay for, although it's not necessarily true that the most expensive hosts are the best.

We really do understand how confusing it can be when choosing a web host so we together some basic things you need to consider before choosing your hosting company to help you make the decision.