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In deploying software solutions, our aim is try to ensure delivery of the functionality that you require, within the given timeframe. However, there will be tradeoffs to be made and you will have to weigh up the opportunity cost of prioritising particular requirements.

In order to get to a position where you can make these choices our software consultants start off by working with you to understand the business goals of the project. We are then in a position to advise on the interaction between the technology and the business and to help to establish your unique proposition.

We also assist you in evaluating your current technical strategy. This means looking at where you are now, what software applications you are using and what resources you have. In addition, it means focusing both on what technology solutions you will need in the short term, together with what your long term requirements will be.

The technology environment is a dynamic one, and changing situations require rapid responses. This means that effective communication is of paramount importance throughout the process. From the beginning we therefore look to set up robust communication channels between our organisation and yours.

Once these building blocks are in place, our software consultants will work with you to establish a so-called "modular" architecture, ie. one that can be broken down into units that reflect the choices you need to make. You are now well-positioned to be able to evaluate these choices and make informed decisions based on objective and logically-presented criteria that are directly relevant to your organisation.

Finally, once you have established a direction our software consultants will assist you with resource planning and in particular with designing a resource planning schedule that is flexible enough to provide for contingencies.