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is an ideal system for clothing whole sale store management. With provision functions that are suitable for quick-progressed conditions of clothing whole sale market, SIF will satisfy you with more than you expect.

Product Features
1. Supports for store and sales management.

   A. By issue various order form with SIF, can prevent errors such as price        error, over shipping, and under shipping before these things happened.
       And by grasp flow of inventory status by item, can discontinue support        unpopular items and keep reasonable inventory status.

2. Management inventory in detail with accuracy.

   A. By management inventory in a size code(S, M, L, XL...) unit, SIF not        only provides detailed and accurate inventory management, but it also        provides convenient interface for input the unit although the input data        is more than data of system that supports size type.

3. Supports for multiple storage management.

   A. By support functions of multiple storage management, can not only        manage one more stores and warehouses easily, but can also transfer
       inventory stuffs between a store and a warehouse with safety.

4. Supports for various customized reports.

   A. Basic reports: Sales Order, Purchase Order, Invoice, Credit,
       Vender Debit, Inventory Status.
   B. Customized reports: Style Trace, Daily Revenue, Weekly Analysis, A/R        Aging, Sales Ranking, Mark by terms.

By input details at once, various forms such as invoice, sales order and purchase order can be issued automatically. And because processes of sale, return, and discount are managed at only a window, with SIF, the sales process can be processed with accuracy and quickly. As grasp flow of inventory status with stock purchase and sale, can check and predict insufficient inventory stuffs. These are points of raising the efficiency of production.