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HerbMaster   Screen Shots
is a leading Enterprise Resource Planung solution for herb trading companies.
HerbMaster provides organization with splendid opportunities to integrate and
manage information across all areas such as Sales, Purchasing, Production,
and Inventory. It also supplies an environment to maintain important
information such as Customer, Vendor, Herb, and Patient.

Major Features:
 -Customer and Vendor Management
    Collects information such as name, address, phone number, fax number and     e-mail address and saves them to Database.
 -Herb and Preparation Management
    Collects information such as name, properties, indications, dosage and     cautions and saves them to Database.
 -Inventory Management
    Presents current status of inventory and allows physical inventory     management.
 -Purchase Order Management
    Offers standard purchase order information and saves it to Database for     future reference.
 -Sales Order Management
    Grants the environment for standard sales order information
 -Patient and Insurance Management     Provides the environment which defines     the relationship between patient and insurance.
 -Analysis of Sales
    Gives itemized and periodical sales analysis.

HerbMaster will improve business effectiveness and efficiency resulting in lower costs, higher productivity, higher sales and increased revenue. Increased efficiency and productivity result from reduction in redundancy and duplication throughout the organization.