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This is a very competitive area of the computer industry. We seek to distinguish ourselves by giving sensible guidance and finding the best possible price vs. performance balance every customer.

We build computers to your requirements, servers, thin line clients, economical 'stripped down' or high-end performance desktop PCs and everything in between. We constantly adjust our prices, keeping informed about which components offer the best value and performance, to insure the systems we build are of the highest possible quality. Because of our long term relationships with our customers we know that computers we build need to last because we will be the ones still looking after it many years down the track.

Upgrading is often a preferable and more affordable option than completely replacing your computers. We can advise you on which components can be recycled and which need to be replace to bring your systems up to speed.

We recommend and implement 'fast food' style of computer deployment in organizations. Because of the short life of computers and their large capital cost we see it as a very poor move by organization to replace all their machines at once or in large chunks. Not only does it disrupt your cash flow it also leaves you with slow and poor performing computers for your power users when your between upgrades. We believe that as an organization you should purchase new PC or upgrade older ones in very small quantities on a regular basis (ie every month). This small cost incurred every month would be similar, if not cheaper to what you would incur if you replaced all your machines in bulk. And your power users will always have the fastest PC's while those people who don't need the latest and fastest won't.