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The global influence of the internet economy has forced companies to revise and create new e-commerce strategies in order to be distinctive and stay competitive. All companies need to move extremely fast to stay on top in the new digital economy.

Each company has a niche market segment and needs to create a custom e-business solution that is flexible, scalable and integrates tightly with their back-end ERP systems as well as with their network of business partners and customers. Never before have companies faced this magnitude of volatile market conditions, which keep changing practically every day due to technological advancements. The digital economy is moving extremely fast and is changing the way companies do business. New business models are coming up everyday and the relationships of a company within its network and outside of its purview are constantly changing. So it becomes imperative for companies to ensure that their e-business initiatives can be optimized to reach and serve customers in different ways and establish new relationships as the business grows.

Nexcore can help you stay on top of the digital economy. We were founded on the principles of providing scalable, customized and integrated e-commerce solutions to companies in internet time. We can help you create dynamic and powerful e-business solutions which will tightly integrate your customers, suppliers and business partners with your web site and serve as a digital nerve center - a benchmark in your industry. The key element is our ability to continually and successfully help you introduce new, and more efficient ways of conducting business be it in the internet, extranet or wireless environments.

There are a number of questions in the minds of customers. For example: What would be the best e-business solution for my company to not only meet my current needs but also scale up to the needs of my business as we grow? How do I integrate my ERP systems and the systems of my partners with my web site? What security features should be in place in my intranet? Is it possible to have a working solution within 6 to 10 weeks? What about customer support and training for the new systems?

At Nexcore.Info we follow a an interactive customer-centric approach, which allows us to propose the best solutions for your business.

The three key areas of our methodology are:
  • Analysis: We analyze the company's current systems and architecture in detail and come up with a list of bottlenecks that can improve productivity and streamline & automate processes. We analyze the existing relationships (direct and indirect) that your company may already have within its digital value network. A digital value network typically consists of a network of suppliers, partners, customers and employees. We will help you identify relationships which will create value for your business and recommend a solution to tightly integrate these relationships with your web site. Our recommendations will be extremely well documented and we will also have a project milestone for implementation of the solutions.

  • Architecture and Design: During this phase we architect and design the blueprint for the system, including database design, business logic, back-end functionality, existing/third-party component integration and user interface design. This phase determines what the system will look like, how it will work and how it should be structured. The output is a detailed blueprint with design guidelines, technical architecture and updated milestones.

  • Implementation: We will design and develop scalable applications in the desired platform, which will be integrated with dynamic, user-friendly interfaces. We will use Rapid Application Development tools to ensure quality and timely implementation. We will ensure that back-end ERP systems and the systems of business partners, suppliers and customers are tightly integrated with the site.

  • Quality Assurance: We have an extensive Q&A methodology in place to ensure the production of a robust, high quality system. The System is thoroughly tested by the Quality Assurance team and all bugs are resolved during beta testing.

  • Operations: We provide continued support for updating and maintaining the system, with quick turn-around times. Enhancements to the system are also discussed with clients.

  • Let us help you get a head start in the digital economy.