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As brick and mortar enterprises go about web enabling their processes, there is one area where most of the early action should take place: the Supply Chain. A web enabled Supply Chain management (e-SCM) solution is the digital nervous center of the entire business and an effective e-SCM solution can save companies millions of dollars in costs.

What is e-SCM?
e-SCM is the optimal combination of technology and business processes that optimizes delivery of goods, services and information from the supplier to the consumer in an organized and efficient way. It gives companies involved in developing, manufacturing, distributing and retailing of products access to all of the critical information they need to plan their operations in an efficient way - whatever and wherever they need it. A complete supply chain management solution also includes customers, service providers and partners. So, we can conclude that e-SCM is a large, dynamic network of complex but well-defined relationships with multiple channels in the business which provides accurate information to everyone in the network.

Why do Brick and Mortar companies need e-Supply Chain Management?
e-SCM provides Brick and Mortar companies the flexibility and the agility to be in constant control of their business. It improves efficiencies and reduces costs substantially while giving companies the adaptability to modify their business processes without having to undertake major technology initiatives.

Creating an integrated e-supply chain solution will be a major key or barrier to entry and provides critical competitive edge over competitors as it:
  • Speeds time to market
  • Improves Order fulfillment
  • Improves customer service and satisfaction
  • Improves order management
  • Improves decision making
  • Improves forecasting and demand planning
  • Improves warehouse/distribution activities
  • Reduces paperwork
  • Reduces Inventory build up
  • Shortens Sales cycles
  • Strengthens partnerships
  • How do you implement e-SCM?
    The traditional concept of SCM is no longer valid in the digital economy. E-Supply Chain Management focuses on globalization and information management tools, which integrate procurement, operations, and logistics from raw materials to customer satisfaction. With the widespread implementation and acceptance of e-business, the traditional methods and rules have changed to improve profitability and fulfillment.

    E-Supply chain management can use e-business concepts and Web technologies to manage beyond the organization, upstream and downstream. It is the strategic approach that unites all steps in the business cycle, from initial product design and the procurement of raw materials, through production, shipping, distribution, and warehousing until a finished product is delivered to a customer.
    Companies with a network of suppliers, vendors, and distributors need a fast, efficient way to disseminate information and enable two-way communications.

    This is done over the Web using:
  • Customized extranet sites
  • Web servers
  • Groupware (e-mail-integrated collaborative software)
  • You can start Web-enabling legacy systems to provide visibility to selected partners, suppliers, and customers and to integrate the supply chain into your company's other processes.