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Nexcore has a customer-centric approach to project implementation that allows our project managers and clients to be in total control. Throughout the development process, the project manager maintains regular communication with the client providing status updates and getting feedback from the client. 

Our development process is broadly divided into the following six phases:  
  • Needs Analysis and Functional Specifications
  • System Architecture and Design
  • Development and Integration
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Deployment and Launch
  • Post Production Customer Support
  • our development process

    Needs Analysis and Functional Specifications 
    In this phase discussions are centered around clearly identifying and defining the needs of the clients, and understanding their goals. We then evaluate and propose technology and implementation options to the client, choosing a solution that meets all of their requirements. The solutions are documented as functional specifications and becomes the roadmap to engineer and develop the application. A project schedule is also created and submitted to the client for their reference and project control. 

    System Architecture and Design
    During this phase we architect and design the blueprint for the system, including database design, business logic, back-end functionality, B2B/ERP/Legacy system integration and user interface design. This phase determines what the system will look like, how it will work and how it should be constructed. The output is a detailed blueprint with design guidelines, and the technical architecture.

    Development and Integration 
    The Project Manager divides the project into multiple functional areas such as: (a) Business Logic Development (b) Database Development (c) Backend and B2B Integration and (d) User Interface Design. These are further divided into sub-projects and assigned to team members. Sub-projects are developed in parallel and team leaders create test plans for each sub-project. The sub-projects are tested in parallel using the scripts specified in the test plans. 

    Testing and Quality Assurance
    The sub-projects are integrated to form a complete system and tested by the development team. The system is then passed on to Quality Assurance. The QA team integrates test scripts from all sub-project test plans and creates additional system-level and integration test scripts to create a system test plan. The system is tested thoroughly by the Quality Assurance team and all bugs are resolved. 

    Deployment and Launch
    The system/site is deployed on a staging server and made available to the client and partners for beta testing and feedback. Production servers are configured and the System/Site is deployed to production servers. The QA team goes through a final round of testing on the production servers and launches the site after client approval.

    Post Production Customer Support
    We provide continuous support and maintenance services on the systems we have build and setup. Incremental updates and enhancements are made to the system as needed.